Sunday, January 27, 2008

Helium Reward-athon

One of the things that is happening over on Helium is the Reward-athon. Quite simply, writers are being rewarded an extra dollar for each new article they put up between now and April 14th. Note that it is not that simple; one must have at least one writing star and three rating stars at midnight (April 15th) to actually earn the reward.

Given the amount of churn that Helium articles are occasionally subjected to, there is no promise that myself, or anyone else will be in the running for the bonus when April 14th rolls around.

So how to approach the writing there for the Reward-athon? Simple, write as you normally write. That way even if you do not end up having enourgh stars at the end of the period, you have not lost that much.

For instance, I am mainly focused on articles that I was going to write anyways, such as my review of all the Enochian Chess books in my possession, those articles I can recycle at Associated Content, and articles that I suspect are going to the better money makers.

An example is my article on Improving one's FICO 08 Credit Score. It falls under a category that I think has a lot of readers, and is something that I think will do well on both sites (AC and Helium).

The reason for me just sticking with this type of tactic is that one) I learned my lesson during contests there (my contest entries have never made money) and two) even if I fail to have enough stars at the end of the promotion period, in theory I should stall make some money off the articles.

Bottom line, the bonus payment would be nice to get, but I am not going to count on it. After all, I am trying to run a business, and past experience has taught me some hard lessons.

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