Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mental Health Day

Today I am taking a "vacation day." Which may strange, especially when you hear my idea of a vacation day.

So far today, I have hang up a thermometer on the outside shed (I can see it from the office window--it is freezing out there), changed a couple of light bulbs, loaded the dishwasher, sorted though some old computer parts, changed the layout of both blogs here (I removed the adsense from the bottom of the blog on both, and moved it to the sidebar; I don't think anyone would ever see the ads on the bottom of the page), sent out an email and did some research on the interent.

Sounds almost like I am working. And in a way, I am. On the really good vacation days I will do some remodeling around the house. So why do I call them vacation days--simple, I am not doing any serious writing or schoolwork.

So why today? I am not sure. Maybe writing an article on How to Improve Your FICO 08 Credit Score took more out of me than I thought it did. Or maybe, it is because I know that college resumes Tuesday. Whatever the reason, I am taking the day off.

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