Friday, July 13, 2007

...but I am only ten days worth of words behind.

So I mind some progress today. Not much, only 700 words worth unless I get more done later today. Unfortunately, tommorrow is the online ZAM class, and Sunday is a lodge day; I am quite sure that I am going to fall further behind over the weekend.

I am now up to 5090 words. Short 16,581--ten days worth, figuring that I should be doing 1,667 words a day if I want to spend the pain evenly across the entire month. Obvivously, that is not going to happen. Maybe in November (yes, I am actually considering taking part in the National Write a Novel Month during term paper season--call me insane).

I am learning a lot about what is going on in the book I am writing. In many ways, it is like reading a mystery novel that someone else wrote. Like today, I learned something about one of the secondary characters that I didn't know, as in it wasn't planned by me.

And hopefully, I am learning what I absolutely need to learn--how to self-start and continue going on a project. One thing I have never developed as a writer, or as a person for that matter, is sheer discipline. I have always depended upon being brilliant. The closest thing I have to disciplince is my bloody-minded stubbornness. It may look like the same thing, but it is really not. As a professional writer, I need discipline. Hopefully, next week helps me towards developing that aspect of myself. *crosses fingers*

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