Monday, July 16, 2007

Golden Dawn Blogs

One of the things that I write because I want to is stuff about Golden Dawn.

Golden Dawn, for those of you who don't know, was a fraternal Order founded in 1888 by three members of the SRIA. It was formed for the purposes of studying esoteric philosphy; later its members started to study magic.

I became a member in March of 1992 when I joined Hathoor Temple. Currently, I am a member of Bast Temple and the BIORC. I hold an Administrative Grade, so that I can be elected to a specific office. My official Grade is Adept Minor Theoricus (Th.A.M.) though I am undergoing more training as a ZAM (Zelator Adept Minor).

Most of my writing takes the form of essays written for the lodge. Besides these I maintain two blogs, one personal and one as an officer of the Order.

A Brief History of Golden Dawn

Bast Temple (Golden Dawn in the Outer, BIORC in the Inner)

Gleamings from the Dawn--my personal non-official blog about Golden Dawn

Weekly Thoughts about Golden Dawn--the blog I maintain as part of my Order responsibilities

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