Monday, July 2, 2007

Complaining about Helium Channel Contest

Well, the Helium Channel Champion contest has been going on for less than a week, and already that is a lot of complaining about it on the Community board on Helium. I understand a lot about why people are complaining about the contest, within the first couple of hours, a whole bunch of short (and in some caes plagirized) articles flooded the selected articles in the ten channels for this week.

During the previous contest, I decided not to focus on the contest, but devote myself to my long-term writing. So unless one of the future channels ends up being in my speciality as a writer, I will pretty much ignore the contest.

My biggest problem with the contest is that unless you are a winner during one of the contests, you only make pennies per entry (if you are lucky), and the income dries up completely when the contest is over. So for me, I am better off focusing on my fact-based articles, slowly building up my article base there. Pennies in the long term beats nothing in the short term.

And considering that my articles have a nasty habit of taking two or three weeks to hit their proper slot, the contest would be long over before my articles hit their proper ranking. I rather not swim with the sharks hacking out junk.

Besides I am working on writing 50,000 words (a rough draft of a novel) this month as my regular readers will remember.

Have a good day everyone, it is back to the millstone.

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