Thursday, July 19, 2007

Holding the line...

Well, I haven't made much progress over the last two days of accomplishing my 50,000 words in a month. If I wanted to catch up completely today I would need to hack out 20309 words. But assuming that I just do the 1667 words for today, my word count shortage is down to 18,642 words.

Now, some of the writing yesterday was a "cheat." I went to the website for the National Novel Writing Month and looked around for inspiration. Which led me to an article, about last year's contest and how one of the writers a little short of her final count, and done with her story, decided to write a short message to her readers. I followed suit, through my address to my readers is in the first half of the novel.

And I regret to say that today promises to be another day where I just hold the line. I have accomplished some stuff today--market research mainly (another dozen sites that I might be able to sell writing to come this Fall), and did some dishes and laundry. Oh, and cleaned a couple of windows.

So maybe, now that I have jogged around the house, taking out the trash and scooping out the litter boxes, I can get myself to sit down and actually work on the novel. Wish me luck (as you can see I also wrote a blog), I am going to need it.

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