Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cheese assault and other misdemeanors

Yesterday was a strange day. I was sitting in the “lunch room” in the South Classroom (at the Community College of Denver), talking to my friend Susan when a small ruckus occurred. Joanne, one of the workers at the little store there, walked up to one of the neighboring tables and started to talk to the lady that was sitting there. Turns out the lady was guilty of ripping off the store, and this was not the first time either. The woman got upset (protesting her innocence) and as Joanne walked away, the lady threw her food at Johann. Unfortunately, she missed Joanne and hit me instead. Yes, I got assaulted by nachos.

My classmates thought it was a little strange that I didn’t seem upset about it. Pangloss, a name for our current reading assignment, was applied to me. They might be right, but I chose to blame it on being a manager for so long--after all, I had to learn to be calm in that job.

It is not the only strange crime to happen to me this month. Earlier in the month, I had a person steal my order at MacDonalds. That incident annoyed me more, so much it ended up in the rough draft of the novel.

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