Friday, November 9, 2007

Day eight--the start of week two

Well, I managed to write 1702 words yesterday. Not that all of them should be in the novel--I had a writer's rant and am too conscious of my word count to cut them out. If at the end of the month I go over, then I will crop them out.

The important part is that I kept writing, even if it was just talking to myself, despite the fact that I felt a freeze coming. I hate writer's block.

Part of it is that I only have a couple of more scenes to write, and then I am out of plot (outline). This idea may have only been enourgh for a short story.

And the sad part is that this weedend and most of this coming week, I got to read a whole book for philosophy, study for two tests, do two homework assignments and write two term papers. And the two term papers are equal to two days worth of rough draft on the novel, except that they have to be edited and usable words. So the novel is going to have to be backburnered for a week.

Fortunately, I am not too far behind. So far I have 11143 words wrote. Which is good, if I wanted to catch up completely today, I would only have to write 3860 words. There are some people who are at less than a thousand words (I was talking to one of them yesterday), and there are some who are halfway to the finish line. But it is not a contest, except with oneself--the goal is to finish 50000 words in thirty days, not worry about other people.

So I am now off to do a few vital tasks, and then work on housework and homework and possibly the novel. It is going to be a long and busy weekend.

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