Sunday, November 4, 2007

Day Three

I didn't accomplish as much as I should have yesterday on the novel. Only got 1374 words done, and some of them were me making a note that I found the whole idea of writing the planetfall sequence to be boring.

Now, if the killer does something to prevent the hero (or is it antihero) from arriving, then maybe it would be interesting. Unfortunately, I am not hundred percent positive who the killer is. In fact, we (me and my pretend audience) just know the crew of the incoming rocket to Mars, and considering that they were inbound on the rocket, we know that all of them are innocent.

In fact, the hero doesn't even know if it is actual murder yet; as far as he concerned it may have just been an accident. (It was a murder--that is the whole point of the story; though Accident on Mars sounds pretty neat to write about too, much like small accident at the power plant threatens to wipe out the entire town--maybe I watch too much Simpsons).

Did another chapter of Economics homework last night, and some study for the upcoming quiz. And some research for one of my term papers.

Got a lodge meeting today--big vote due today--do we continue to exist? Going to be a long day. *sigh*

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