Monday, November 19, 2007

Plot problems

A remark that was made by one of the Nanowrimo-ians was that one of the reasons that week two (or was it week three) was so hated by those who attempted to write a novel in the space of a month, is the fact that you are trying to cope with a year's worth of plot problems in the space of a week.

I can see where they are coming from. I am surprised at some of the solutions that I am coming up with. And I am not sure if I would have figured a way around them if I would have just worked on my plotting ahead of time. I am happy with the solutions that have came out of my writing, but I have serious doubts that these ideas would have even occured to me if I would have been approaching this the old fashioned (take nine months to a year to write a novel) way.

And yesterday, despite errands, I managed to hack out 1720 words; some of which I think are going to survive the later revision. That makes me happy.

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