Saturday, November 10, 2007

Day nine

Just did 767 words yesterday, which was more than I expected to do. Especially after getting sidetracked into PR. I don't plan on getting a lot done today, I have to hack out a couple of papers (term papers no less) because I need the rough drafts done by Monday, plus some homework, and studying for two tests.

On the bright note, I am not going to lose any writing time to my sister's visit. Not by complete choice, it is just that I am not going up to Brush Colorado to meet with her. With moving vehicles being one of my migraine triggers, I can't afford to take the risk while still in the midst of the semester. I am not sure if she understands--I hope that she understands. Besides the wife is pretty booked on time also.

So I am off to do college homework, and hopefully slip a thousand words in on the novel.

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